Old Spuds


October 10|Tabby Ted
July 25|After While
July 17|Mummy’s Curse
July 10|Existing Extinction
July 5|Word Ballon Artist
June 21|Pitcher at Sea
June 19|Super Bunching
June 4|Upstream Upload
May 21|The Truth Hurts
May 1|Life Stand
January 9|Sheepish Secrets
January 4|Skeleton in Waiting
January 3|Thor Immobile
January 2|Not So New Year


October 3|Dent O’ Lantern
September 26|Viral Villainy
September 19|Giraffes
September 13|Fashion of the Fittest
September 12|9 Lives, 3 Wishes
August 22|The Mushroom Escape
August 15|When the Cookie Crumbles
August 8|Hairy Situation
July 25|Slither Wave
July 8|Back to a Dry Heat
July 6|Cat Work
July 4|The Pencil Returns
May 25|Extra Service
May 23|The Doodle Defense
May 20|Millennial Bears
May 16|Not in the Game
May 13|Danger Hole
May 9|Bent Out of Shape
May 2|Gravel Gum
April 25|Kids Love Fried Bird Chunks
April 20|Cape Shark
April 18|Taking a Chance
April 11|Moo Cow Cow Moo
April 8|Soft Spoken
April 6|Canned Cliche
April 4|Speedy Misstep
April 1|Conjunctivitis Cat
March 30|Holiday Vacation
March 28|Late Worm
February 15|After Valentines Love
February 12|Arrow Swap
February 10|The New Guys
February 8|LASER Focus
February 1|Unconstitutional Itchiness
January 27|Big Granny Gun
January 25|How to Clear Your Driveway
January 22|Number One Snowman
January 20|Pigeon Review
January 18|Bull Parenting


September 30|Thanksgiving Nigh
September 28|Dr. Hellman
August 24|Star Wars Fact
July 20|Parking Relativity
July 13|Alfred’s Night Off
July 6|Operation
May 26|One Giant Leap for Fleakind
May 11|Holy Store
May 4|Gamma Cannonball
April 29|Baternity Ward
April 27|King Confused
April 22|Roach Chore
April 20|#repurposed
April 10|Pterodactyl Pteasing
April 6|Hamster Hamper
March 23|Bat Hair Day
March 11|Marble Addiction
March 9|Captive Audience
March 6|Where’s My Workup?
March 4|Cookie Conference
March 2|Hot Knights
February 23|Frosty Payoff
February 16|Balloon Date
February 13|Heart Impression
February 11|Carnival Snork
February 9|Back Shell Snail
February 6|Waiter Stache
February 4|Wiggy Bird
February 2|Hitching a Cape
January 30|Love You Bunches
January 28|Culinary Cuties
January 26|Crispy Fried Youth
January 23|Litter Beach
January 21|Spider Hack
January 19|Off Course Of Course
January 16|Bird Bathroom
January 14|Avast! Wrong Room
January 12|Chocolate Curiosity
January 9|Batmobile
January 7|Texting on the Serengeti
January 5|Trooper Blooper
January 2|New Year DPI


December 31|Raisin the Dead
December 29|Salty Execution
December 24|Twice-checked Paperwork
December 22|Snow Gain
December 19|Sneaky Noggin’
December 17|The Crunch of Snow
December 15|When Life Gives You Zaps
December 12|Misconcession
December 10|Spot Remover
December 8|Rudolph Revenge
December 5|Elfin Geezer
December 4|Seeing Double Burger
December 3|Syrup Trap Body
December 2|Rndr Txtng
December 1|Swiss Army Saber
November 10|Skittle Secret
November 5|Perch Tech
November 3|What Happens Next
October 20|The Non-Walking Dead
October 15|Salty Demise
October 13|Wooly Sale
October 10|Balloon Maker
October 6|Autumn Surprise
October 1|Pan Reaction
September 29|No Cream
September 19|Label Your Parts
September 17|Mt. Selfie
September 12|What the Heck
September 10|Beware Removers
September 8|Tastes Like Me
September 5|Wrong Threesome
September 3|4 Star Loaf
September 1|Darth Knight
August 29|The Long Candle
August 27|Upload Incomplete
August 25|Unsavory Types?
August 22|Tale of the Nugget
August 20|Ship in a Bowl
August 18|Put the Movie on Ice
August 11|Putting on the Brakes
August 6|Chez Carrion
August 4|Back to Burden
August 1|Cereally Insane
July 30|Animal Rescue
July 28|A Minute on the Lips
July 25|Pepper Puzzler
July 21|Water Play. Water Chore
July 16|Poltercrab
July 14|Cheese Slopes
July 11|Shadow Technology
July 9|Crayon Does Not Compute
July 7|Cinema Class
July 4|Beefy Tattoo
July 2|Picnic Pooper
June 30|Bat Mandatory
June 27|Shellcast
June 25|Happy Meal
June 23|Canine Mime
June 18|Puffy Son
June 16|Finger Lickin’ Death
June 9|Ham Tan
June 4|Sticky Parasite
June 2|Angrier on the Inside
May 30|The Over and Under
May 28|Cat in the Day
May 23|The Last Day
May 21|Waiter in the Grass
May 19|Storage Problems
May 16|Plain Cud
May 14|From the Office of Cliches
May 12|Dam It!
May 9|Painful Labor
May 7|Surface Meal
May 5|Different Styles
May 2|Multi-Scythe
April 30|Old Man Luke
April 28|Not So Neighborhood Friendly
April 25|Hairy Grandma
April 14|Hunny in All the Wrong Places
April 9|Warp Light
April 7|Born Dyed
April 4|All the Trimmings
April 2|Unnoyances
March 31|Pig-Pole Stroll
March 28|Blank Face
March 26|Let It Go, God
March 24|Fox Feelings
March 21|Dr. Rock Mechanic
March 19|Crossing the Road
March 17|Warning Sign
March 2|Carpet Mulching
February 26|Jolly Green Salad
February 24|Crossing Tales
February 19|Bat Refund
February 17|Zombie Chore
February 10|Half Shell
February 5|Droid Habit
February 3|Wanted Poster
January 29|Rubber Revelation
January 20|No Pee
January 17|Road Cuisine
January 13|Bowl Cut
January 6|Meanwhile, In the Arctic
January 2|Morning Reward


December 20|Cold Chicken
December 18|Lottery Odds
December 16|Distinctive Steps
December 9|Worst Kind of Mirage
December 4|Searching for Truth
December 2|Holiday Decor
November 29|Punk Wookiee
November 27|Black Thursday
November 25|First Contact
November 22|Turkeys of Endearment
November 20|Cereal Snapped
November 18|At the Water Cooler
November 15|Cheap Housing
November 13|Yogi Class
November 11|Bunzzz
November 8|Roaming Flush
November 6|Final Count Down
November 4|In Plain Sight
November 1|Death by Pin
October 30|Pumpkin of Angst
October 28|Micro-Cauldron
October 25|Ten Forward Head
October 23|Symbiotic
October 21|Quarterback Quest
October 17|Selfie Lisa
October 15|Boyfriend Raid
October 9|Talks to Fish
October 8|Suspenseful Leaps
October 7|No Smash
October 2|Bull Decor
October 1|Snake Doctor
September 30|Carved and Scarred
September 24|Why the Embarrassed Bird Sings
September 20|Chicken Contraption
September 18|Right to Bear Glass
September 17|Ducky Ducky Ducky
September 13|Donkey Game Danger
September 12|Larva Momma
September 10|Photographing Big Feet
September 9|Canine Controversy
September 3|Girlfriend Bait
August 16|Old Grump
August 15|Hungry Halo
August 14|Hey Look! I’m a Picasso!
August 13|Stick With Your Mate
August 12|Hippo Style
July 23|Candy Choked
July 15|Hiding From the Missus
July 9|Tired Swing
July 8|Dough Booth
July 3|Birthday of Death
July 1|Too Jiffy
June 26|Adolescent of the Apes
June 25|Loompa Dance
June 18|Basic Model
June 17|Try Outs
June 13|Family Pit
June 12|Watched Pot
June 11|New Stand
June 3|Spike Strip
May 30|Crummy Execution
May 16|Fry Family Troubles
May 13|Wookiee Cone
April 17|Iron Daddy
April 16|The Cereal Defense
April 15|Accumulations
April 9|Missed the Boat
March 25|Snow Bird
March 19|Red Shirt Remedy
March 12|Big Bully Bird
February 11|Telemarketing Smash
February 4|Bacon Bus
January 28|Autopsy of a Cliche
January 22|Nothing They Could Do
January 14|Bat Happy
January 10|Cereal Audition
January 7|Tusk Search
January 2|In With the Old


December 27|Snows Job
December 26|Recession Claus
December 24|Cruelty to Animals
December 18|Assaulted Shaker
December 4|Reading Red
November 28|No More Name Calling
November 26|By Any Other Name
November 23|Cheese Duster
November 21|Hard Workin’ Turkey
November 19|Peeler Parlor
November 16|Turkey Prophecies
November 14|Power Up Pizza
November 12|Baldy Oak
November 7|Arctic Infestation
November 5|Heading the Polls
November 3|Pastry Parents
November 2|Holey Couch
October 31|Jack Holes
October 29|Insect Horror
October 24|Is There a Brain in the House?
October 22|Comedic Dairy
October 19|Transformations
October 17|Back Camping
October 15|Regularly Scheduled Werewolf
October 12|Tight Race
October 10|Club Eek
October 8|Cross on Over
October 4|Cruel Road
October 2|Tastes Dumb
October 1|The Season Begins
September 19|Doughy Disadvantage
September 18|Thor Chore
September 17|Options
September 14|Taking His Licks
September 10|Beaver Treats
September 5|High Noon Low Dog
September 4|Grazing Topic
September 3|Shotgun Bowl
August 31|Picnic Protectors
August 27|Calm Down
August 23|The Smeller’s the Feller
August 22|Soaked In
August 21|Don’t Poke Tender Heart
August 20|The Elephant in the Bed
August 16|What the Alien Dragged In
August 15|Litter-al Thinker
August 13|Geek Reaper
August 9|Nut Helper
August 8|Pirate Errands
August 7|Shell Mates
August 6|Hamburger Landing
August 3|Sports Fan
August 2|Sweet Loss
July 30|Worm Estate
July 25|Egg-specting
July 24|Where the Buffalo Roam
July 23|Sticky Squatch
July 23|Candy Choked
July 20|I Am the Morning
July 19|Crowded Eatery
July 18|Happy Therapy
July 17|Keep Your Trap Shut
July 16|No Frill Refill
July 13|Don’t Rock the Boat
July 12|Spy Fry
July 11|CSI: Notre Dame
July 10|Small Step for Ram
July 9|Spider Nonsense
July 6|Office Thing
July 5|Summer Day Treat
July 4|Water Logged
July 3|Trash Delivery
July 2|Taste in Mind
June 29|Satan’s Annex
June 28|Claw Cuffed
June 27|A Close Shave
June 26|Fowl Bar
June 25|Blind Assist
June 22|Spoorked
June 21|Stick on a Stick
June 20|Porcu-Perm
June 19|Make Yourself Useful
June 18|Shell to Shell Traffic
June 15|Press to Impress
June 14|Doughboy Steps Out
June 13|At Chez Can
June 12|Peanut Butter Jelly Time
June 11|Living in a Bowl
June 8|Super Purple
June 7|Crumb of a Tale
June 6|Stripe Calibration
June 5|The Gift
June 4|Prehistoric Spin
June 1|Polar Brain Freeze
May 31|Bikini Humps
May 30|Not a People Person
May 29|Tight Rope
May 28|Dinner Guest
May 25|Down in Front
May 24|Gamer’s Glory
May 23|Snake Identification
May 22|When Life Gives You Gators
May 21|Entrepreneur
May 18|Gnawing Ark
May 17|Ripped Chips
May 16|Cartoon Conjunctivitis
May 15|A Clog in the Falcon
May 14|The Chesire Returns
May 11|What Not to Ask
May 10|Life For Death
May 9|Island Warning
May 8|Bear Estate
May 7|Three-Way War
May 4|Trouble with Chinos
May 3|Creative Expert
May 2|Mosquito Mistake
April 30|Go Tell Your Mummy
April 27|Job Hazards
April 25|No Strings Attached
April 23|Sick Day Dog
April 20|Wrong Can
April 19|Prehistoric Poultry
April 18|Sunday Super Hero
April 17|Insect Swabbing
April 16|Something Fishy
April 13|That Sizzling Smell
April 12|Parent Herd
April 11|Splitting Hairs
April 10|Make it a Double
April 9|Fear of Pop
April 6|Startled Egg
April 5|A Brief Mistake
April 4|Easter Tatts
April 3|A Blur in the Crowd
April 2|Mixing it Up
March 30|Calorie Counter
March 29|Profit Swing
March 28|Internet Famous
March 27|Big Angry Bird
March 26|Using His Head
March 23|Ba-Ba-Bad Wolf
March 22|Foot Tapping
March 21|Dog Meeting
March 20|Low Ink
March 19|The Hunter Gatherer
March 16|Ruined Picnic
March 15|Metamorphosis Mortification
March 14|Service Saucer Soon
March 13|Karaoke-Doo
March 12|Miscalculation
March 9|The Lion’s Kingdom
March 7|The Webs
March 6|Social Damnation
March 5|At the Watering Hole
February 29|Prickly Day
February 28|Fly Philosophy
February 27|Crime Fighting Tool
February 22|Pessimistic Panda
February 21|Stocking Primate Facts
February 20|City Blend
February 16|Now the Wiser
February 15|Tusk Routine
February 14|Cupid’s Phasers
February 13|Love Stings
February 8|Bath Toy
February 7|Bovine Off the Bench
February 6|Filthy Kitty
February 3|Social Guru
February 2|In the Test Nest
February 1|Keeps Them Fresh
January 31|Special Move
January 30|A Dog and His Phone
January 23|Tongue Slashing
January 17|Donkey Shrink
January 16|Flying the Friendly Seas
January 13|Micro-Managed
January 12|Paddling Planes
January 11|Nature Calls
January 10|Magic of Birth
January 9|Mini-Burgers
January 6|Haunting Comedy
January 5|Domestic Dispensers
January 4|Scratch Break
January 3|Frosty Fate
January 2|Game Resolutions


December 27|Strangers in the Nut
December 26|Hard Working Elf
December 15|Hairy Chick
December 14|Axe Exam
December 13|Eye Out
December 12|Her Name Was Prius
December 9|Wish List
December 8|Dunk Head
December 7|Identity Strike
December 6|The Replacement
December 5|Jolly Ol’ Justice
December 3|Unapeeling
December 2|Squeeze Tube
November 30|Old Jungle Driver
November 29|Elf Unemployed
November 28|Puppet Pains
November 25|Home Decorator
November 24|Magic Stuffing
November 23|Day of the Living Thirst
November 22|Watch Where You’re Talking
November 21|Turkey Signal
November 18|Mr. Hangover
November 17|The Married Ant’s Dilemma
November 16|Hungry Hungry
November 15|Toasty
November 14|It’s in the Bread
November 11|Pre-Seasons Greetings
November 10|Barista of the Serengeti
November 9|Myth in the Meadow
November 8|Itchy Holiday
November 7|Bored Beavers
November 4|Lazy Medusa
November 3|Toes
November 2|Turkey Training
November 1|Cartoon Gossip
October 31|Costume Clash
October 28|Runaway Pitcher
October 27|Fly Con
October 26|The Witch’s Point
October 25|Gorilla Most Fowl
October 24|Distracted Death
October 21|5 a Day Vampire
October 20|Decisions
October 19|Throwing Winnie
October 18|Neck Stud
October 17|The Rooster Strikes Back
October 14|Thumping for Love
October 13|So Long, Sucker
October 12|Win on a Limb
October 11|Seven Effects
October 9|Scare Critic
October 7|Party Like It’s 3000 BC
October 6|Design Consultant
October 5|In the Armory
October 4|Roadkill Revenge
October 3|Seeds For Brains
September 30|Matching Handbag
September 29|Bearly Snoring
September 28|Marking Endor
September 27|Slapping Scales
September 26|It’s in the Can
September 23|Giant Leap for Birdkind
September 22|His Final Words
September 21|Truth in Clothing
September 20|Corn Dog Faux Pas
September 19|Dragon Concern
September 16|Manicure Meet-Up
September 15|Playdate
September 14|Heaven Can Wait
September 13|Costume Incomplete
September 12|Psycho-Nut
September 9|Pointed Present
September 8|Hot Stepping
September 7|Say Map! Say Map!
September 6|Toasty Warm
September 5|One Shark’s Opinion
September 2|Gentlemen’s Cold Cut
September 1|Kwiet Krunch
August 31|Mother Daughter Chat
August 30|Sportsman of Spooks
August 29|Covert Hipp-Ops
August 26|Pogo Fish
August 25|Stink in the Box
August 24|World Shakin’
August 23|Deep Fried Cataclysm
August 22|Officers Down
August 19|Shnikt!
August 18|Cave Clutter
August 17|Bent Out of Shape
August 16|Buffalo Style
August 15|Oz in Oz
August 12|Shear Speed
August 11|Walking on Egg Shells
August 10|Torrential Downpour
August 9|Status Update
August 8|Death Valley Delights
August 5|I Want to Drink Your Beer
August 4|Line Up
August 3|Shriveled in the Crowd
August 2|Skin Bag
August 1|Frozen Rainbow
July 29|Break Taker
July 28|Tidy Cats! Ho!
July 27|Hell’s Highchair
July 26|Sentinel of Sedentary
July 25|An Extinguished Robbery
July 22|Stay Trekkie, San Diego
July 21|Filling Fatality
July 20|Nit Packing
July 19|Dough Adrift
July 18|Detroit Dog City
July 15|Moo Dude
July 14|Colony Cooking
July 13|Squirrel Drinks
July 12|Hot As Hell
July 11|High Rise Building
July 8|Table Manners
July 7|Cold Blocked
July 6|Copper Topsy Turvy
July 5|Jealous Squatch
July 4|Baby You’re a Firework
July 1|Muppet Au Naturel
June 30|Life Pig on Duty
June 29|Trippin’ Tentacles
June 28|Pac Shopper
June 27|Give Up the Goods
June 24|Round Roo
June 23|Swatdown
June 22|Sheep Cuisine
June 21|Twist and Murder
June 20|Social Smoke
June 17|Symbiotic
June 16|Sour Profits
June 15|Tacky Flamingo
June 14|Ahab in the Dark
June 13|Found Him!
April 25|An Unfamiliar Hole
April 22|Slip Slob
April 21|The Thunder Rolls
April 19|Infinite Slink
April 13|Mr. Write
April 12|Flushing a Confession
April 11|Complaints Department
March 16|Obsolete
March 15|Roosting Rights
March 10|Blindfolded
March 7|R U Trashy?
March 3|Fleur de Beads
March 2|The Other Winner
March 1|Doom Has Sprung
February 28|Proof is in the Predator
February 22|One Dog’s NIghtmare
February 21|Icy Stealth
February 15|Blind Jabs
February 14|Not the Bieb
February 10|Up to His Carrot
February 2|Forced Forecast
February 1|Semi-Cupid
January 31|Taco Phil


December 9|Bright Meeting
November 10|Through Death’s Door
October 29|On-Board Horse
October 28|Drunken Spud
October 27|Witch Wrecker
October 26|Curious Frog
October 25|Wookiee Grooming
October 24|At Gingerbread General
October 23|Nip-Nabbers
October 22|Bickering Bodies
October 21|Hellish Service
October 20|Sticky Complaint
October 19|Second Hand Alien
October 18|Room Time Error
October 17|C is for Creepy
October 16|You Are What They Eat
October 15|Cold Bowling
October 14|Prudish Puppy
October 13|Shell Game
October 12|Scarred For Life
October 11|Torturous Clothes
October 10|Island Games
October 9|Cow Practical Joke
October 8|Neckties
October 7|In the Bat-Bathroom
October 6|The Empire Needs Spell Check
October 5|Hungry Mouths to Feed
October 4|Bunny Shadows
October 3|Fall of Privacy
October 2|Break Neck Itch
October 1|Caught Plugging
September 30|Weenie Question
September 29|Poo-Poo Platter
September 28|Panel Life
September 27|Endless String
September 26|Buttering Up
September 25|The Yolks on Them
September 24|Toasted Fish
September 23|Murder – Crunchy Style
September 22|Apples Vs. Oranges
September 21|Holy Smokin Moses
September 20|Plane Pachyderm
September 19|Rubber Duck Decoy
September 18|Dinner at Redwoods
September 17|Optimist With a Twist
September 16|Stretched to the Limit
September 15|Flip Sign
September 14|Cheating Mantis
September 13|Questionable Design
September 12|Bursted Romance
September 11|Bacon Bliss
September 10|Presoak
September 9|After Sandwich
September 8|Simian Offense
September 7|Moo Pie
September 6|Love Tape
September 5|Rock Ambush
September 4|Be Cozy
September 3|Animal Minus
September 2|D’oh Boy!
September 1|Bear Arms
August 31|Mouse Trap
August 30|Galactic Miscommunication
August 29|Jungle Gridlock
August 28|Parental Control
August 27|Co-Workers
August 26|Eating For Two
August 25|Hot Bulb Action
August 24|The Final Chow Mein
August 23|One Star Planet
August 22|Swimming in Flavor
August 21|Fast Food Kids
August 20|At the Big Horn Salon
August 19|Douchebird
August 18|Feeling the Hump
August 17|All Danced Out
August 16|Lost and Pound
August 15|Gross Advertisement
August 14|Draining the Pitcher
August 13|The Grim Sniffles
August 12|Nice Try Though
August 11|Order Them With Ranch
August 10|Flat Balloon
August 9|Dr. Meow
August 5|Little Chair
August 3|This Comic is Corny
August 2|A Cap’n Without a Mast
July 29|Hang in There
July 27|Back to the Drawing Board
July 26|Colorful Meaning
July 23|Save the Nerd
July 22|Bird Stop
July 21|Sniper Zeus
July 20|Plumbing Problem
July 19|Rattler
July 12|Don’t Ring Out
July 9|Post-Op-Potamus
July 8|Graph Dive
July 6|Wrong Turn in Purgatory
July 2|Costume Block
July 1|Fakin’ Bacon
June 29|Birth of Lazy
June 21|Horse Insult
June 14|Clumsy Reaper
June 11|Keeping a Lid On It
June 10|Kingdom of One
June 9|Aqua Hat
June 8|Brotherhood of Evil Monkeys
June 7|Have You Seen Me?
May 6|Not a Chance
May 5|Thumbs Up
May 4|Party Lines
May 3|Food Critic
April 27|Kermit’s Lament
April 26|Hot Fry
April 12|Tough Choice
April 9|Alarm Hell
April 8|B4 Crsh
April 7|Bunny Deductions
April 6|Pest Control
April 5|Charging Rhino
March 29|Feline Furnishings
March 26|Finally! A Rescue!
March 25|Bi-Letteral
March 24|Heavenly Reptile
March 23|Fire in the Night
March 22|Thomas Says
March 19|Cat Movies
March 18|Pooh Begins
March 17|Not So Hulk
March 16|Stranded and Abandoned
March 15|Our Lady of the Right Cross
March 12|Evolution is Hard
March 11|Egg Audit
March 10|Farmville For Real
March 9|Under Achievers
March 8|Red Carpet Buzz
March 5|The Compact Crusader
March 4|Punk Squirrel
March 3|Who Helps the Hamburger Helper?
March 2|Tiny Weapons
March 1|Curds and Whey
February 26|Fresh Squeezed
February 25|What Urinals Think
February 24|Mama Mia
February 23|Impending Doom
February 22|The Artifact
February 19|Odor Identity
February 18|Sneezy Snail
February 17|Blind Fable
February 16|Catastrophe
February 15|The Eagle Has Landed
February 12|Cloudy Fungus
February 11|Not a Godly Name
February 10|Dog Wisdom
February 9|The Nose Thief
February 8|This Little Piggy
February 5|Denny TJ Kirk
February 4|Flexible Reptiles
February 3|Recalculating
February 2|Porcupine Deal
February 1|Icicle Ambush
January 30|Rotten Peanut Butter
January 29|iBoulder
January 28|No Amenities
January 27|Meeting From Hell
January 26|Mona Lisa’s Smile
January 25|Fast Food Affair
January 23|Ass Hat
January 22|Bean God
January 21|A Big Favor
January 20|Not Sure About the Nuggets
January 19|Don’t Look a Gift Whale in the Blowhole
January 18|Vine Reapin’
January 16|Bubble Memory
January 15|Enter: The Shoe!
January 14|Rough Traffic Ahead
January 13|Snow Cones
January 12|Smurfocalypse
January 11|Kondiment Komplaint
January 9|Humpty WTF
January 8|Camel Ogling
January 7|Retractable Animals
January 6|Flaky Economy
January 5|Dropped Calls
January 4|Bear Witness
January 2|Insurance is a Croc
January 1|New Year Heroes


December 31|Fight of the Year
December 30|Dolphin Testing
December 29|Toiletry Complaints
December 28|On the Sauce
December 26|There’s a Tree in our House
December 25|Making Ends Meet
December 24|Santa Clone
December 23|Mistletoe Blues
December 22|You Feel Lucky?
December 21|Somebody Call the Whale
December 19|Late Riser
December 18|Island Gift
December 17|New Hire
December 16|Choppy Feeling
December 15|Survival in a Half Shell
December 14|Nut Call
December 12|Air Strip
December 11|Santa Denied
December 10|Frosty Prognosis
December 9|Chicken Coats
December 8|Snow Blind
December 7|Watch Out, Grandma!
December 5|Why So Serious, Edward?
December 4|Festive Torture
December 3|Sorry, No American Express
December 2|What Really Happened
December 1|The Leftover Haunting
November 30|Gawrsh, Yer Ugly!
November 28|Heaven’s Dump
November 27|Ice Fishing
November 26|Parade Invasion
November 25|Holiday Brawl
November 24|Light Comedy
November 23|Missing Mate
November 21|Too Much Cute
November 20|Small Talk
November 19|Like Peas and Carrots
November 18|Opening the Vault
November 17|Cat Box Inspiration
November 16|Bear Naked
November 14|Bat Dare
November 13|Moon Call
November 12|My What a Big Needle You Have
November 11|Casual Game Casualty
November 10|Snuffed Snuffy
November 9|A Daily Nightmare
November 7|Bad Hair Bird
November 6|Hungry, Hungry Hippo
November 5|That’s How They Get You
November 4|Bickering Beavers
November 3|Doggy Networking
November 2|Momma Pig
October 31|Frank’s Wish
October 30|Trick or Treat
October 29|Ghost Equality
October 28|Dracula’s Concern
October 27|Carving It Up
October 26|How to Make a Pancake
October 24|Rain of Steel
October 23|Bounty Hunter
October 22|Big Foot Returns
October 21|Stuck Up
October 20|Never Lick a Polar Bear
October 19|Steroid Dino
October 17|Holy Geek
October 16|3 Men in a Tub
October 15|Bait and Switch
October 14|Punk Panda
October 13|Nutrition Facts
October 12|The Inconvenience of Bats
October 10|Hay, Watch It!
October 9|Flaky Princess
October 8|Porcupine Dreams
October 7|Toilet Paper Aspiration
October 6|Afterlife. Same As The First.
October 5|Next Door Stiletto
October 3|More Great Moments in Redneck History
October 2|Jumbo Corn
October 1|Coconut Conspiracy
September 30|Lazy Wildlife
September 29|A Matter of Perspective
September 28|Bruised Acorns
September 26|Contemplating the Inevitable
September 25|Dalmatian Combination
September 24|Student Driver
September 23|Grazing Mantra
September 22|The Morning After
September 21|The Long and Short Of It
September 19|Toast Tub
September 18|Rogue Balloon
September 17|Hulk Shop!
September 16|A Little Light Reading
September 15|You Are What You Are
September 14|After the Switch
September 12|Dry Heat
September 11|A Sharpened Affair
September 10|Holy Laboratory
September 9|Stone Envy
September 8|Claw and Order
September 7|Prick
September 5|Internet Infamous
September 4|Tree Alert
September 3|Eve’s Concern
September 2|Stink Reaction
September 1|El Toro Furioso
August 31|Roo Pouch
August 29|Just Call Me Moby
August 28|Captured Colonel
August 27|The Hell of Heaven
August 26|Yes, I Know It’s Wednesday
August 25|Shell Station
August 24|Soon, In a Toy Store Near You
August 22|TMI Grandpa
August 21|If Big Bird Could Fly
August 20|App Factory
August 19|Tipsy Tater
August 18|Morbid Parking
August 17|Not-So-Super Power
August 15|Honest Elephant
August 14|Hairy Moon
August 13|Party Like a Dog
August 12|One Small Step For Fish
August 11|Swat With a Vengeance
August 10|Tweety Cat
August 8|Jungle Health Care
August 7|A Poke in the Poopdeck
August 6|Bringing Sexy Back
August 5|A Drawn-Out Interview
August 4|Puff the Outdoor Dragon
August 3|Chameleon Difficulties
August 1|Heavenly Perks
July 31|Atlas On His Throne
July 30|Cat Augmentation
July 29|In Line at the BLT
July 28|Why There Are No Unicorns
July 27|Kool-Aid DUI
July 25|Bowling Violations
July 24|Overdressed
July 23|Space History
July 22|A Big Lay
July 21|Cereal Zombies
July 20|Serpent Side Effects
July 18|Allergic Bird
July 17|Big Freeze
July 16|Poor Choice of Career
July 15|High Panda Standards
July 14|Barking Up the Wrong Tree
July 13|A Barbecue Summoning
July 11|Have a Nice Extinction
July 10|Croak Flick
July 9|Extra Setting
July 8|Don’t Mess With Aquaman
July 7|Great Moments in Redneck History
July 6|Should Have Used Armor All
July 3|A Plucking Problem
July 2|Stiff Morning Drink
July 1|Shave and a Burger
June 30|The Unsuspecting Cow
June 29|Room Full of Potters
June 26|More Than Meets The Seat
June 25|Grandma Sign
June 24|Another Poop Comic
June 23|His Training Days Are Over
June 22|Wookiee All Night Long
June 19|Fur Discovery
June 18|Part of This Nutritious Breakfast
June 17|Chef Boyar-Donkey
June 16|Dish Conspiracy
June 15|Probe Appointment
June 12|McWar
June 11|Dirty Old Mind
June 10|Married to a Snake
June 9|Back Taxes
June 8|Shell on Blocks
June 5|To Catch a Predator: Gotham
June 4|Another Microbe to Feed
June 3|Don’t Ask
June 2|Bram Stoker, It Ain’t
June 1|Hair on the Soap
May 29|Flowergasm
May 28|Not Covered
May 27|Advanced Engineering
May 26|Left Out
May 25|Little Yapping Dogs
May 22|Animal Cruelty
May 21|Johnny Meets Mary Jane
May 20|The True Fate of the Dinosaurs
May 19|Creepy Steve
May 18|Hippo Stickers
May 15|Veggie Rebellion
May 14|Red Shirt Refusal
May 13|Planetary Fetish
May 12|EZ Cheetah
May 11|The Most Disgusting Comic Here
May 8|Losing His Kernels
May 7|Muppet Exam
May 6|Death of a Snack Cake
May 5|Life According to Pac-Man
May 4|God of Bread!
May 1|The Good Old Days
April 30|Grooming Grumbler
April 29|Into the Sunset
April 28|Peanuts Pandemic
April 27|At the ENT
April 24|You Can’t Change Your Stripes
April 23|Melon Counseling
April 22|Waiting For Approval
April 21|In the Haystack
April 20|Every Planet Needs Its Day
April 17|Dog Toy
April 16|The Plan
April 15|Arctic Advertising
April 14|Moisturizing Lincoln
April 13|Judgment in Dog Heaven
April 10|Poor Spork
April 9|No More Pic-a-nic Baskets
April 8|Lament of the White Crayon
April 7|Easter Surprise
April 6|Two Old Joes
April 3|Worm in the Apple
April 2|Great For Upholstery Too
April 1|Honey, I’m Home!
March 31|Wii-sistance is Futile
March 30|How to Kill Your Sluggish Husband
March 27|Out of the Frying Pan
March 26|The Caged Bird Twitters
March 25|Retaliation
March 24|Dialing For Loot
March 23|Island Conspiracy
March 20|The Master, He Is
March 19|The Bucket Motel
March 18|Galactus Loves Marshmallows
March 17|Bacon Bits Would Help
March 16|Bad Neighborhood
March 13|Kidney Stone Age
March 12|Endangered Species
March 11|Career Day
March 10|Every Watchmen Review
March 9|Surf and Turf
March 6|Microscopic Threat
March 5|That Cheating Cat
March 4|Not-So-Soft Drink
March 3|Toto’s Wish
March 2|Ungrateful Spawn
February 27|Down the Line
February 26|Mind-Blowing Television
February 25|Flatulent Flock
February 24|Crisis Management
February 23|Wrong Address
February 20|Doggy Date
February 19|Frank is: Dead
February 18|Snake Manners
February 17|When 80’s Icons Collide
February 16|Court Jester
February 13|Cupid Hunting
February 12|Eat Your Jigqxrl!
February 11|One Pig’s Confession
February 10|Hey, Diddle, Diddle…
February 9|Staaiinnssss!
February 6|She’s Not Spreading
February 5|Flea Bitten
February 4|Bright Idea
February 3|Light Revenge
February 2|Desert Hottie
January 30|Limp Liar
January 29|Fly Nuggets are Fly
January 28|Erasercide
January 27|Rock, Paper, Scissors – Boom!
January 26|She’s Appealing
January 23|Songbird Idol
January 22|Stink Bubble
January 21|Karmic Justice
January 20|A Better Place
January 19|Muppet Infestation
January 16|Tastes Like Chicken
January 15|Freak Occurrence
January 14|Buns & Bratwurst
January 13|Double Duty
January 12|The Escape
January 9|Dino-Angels
January 8|The Evolution of Capitalism
January 7|Now Who’s Silly?
January 6|All Thumbs
January 5|Dragon Reflux
January 2|Bamboo Salad
January 1|Good Riddance


December 31|Snackin’ On The Picks
December 30|They Exist
December 29|Two Scoops of Raisins
December 26|Thag Goes to The Art Gallery
December 25|Christmas Strain
December 24|Fa La La La La
December 23|Cubist Frosty
December 22|The Trial of Jack Frost
December 19|Who Ya Gonna Call? Ebenezer!
December 18|Polar Panic
December 17|Game Over
December 16|Capped
December 15|Intimate Farm Apparel
December 12|Grill Marks
December 11|Hard Times
December 10|Flyin’ High
December 9|Common Castaway
December 8|Photo Shoot
December 5|McDillo
December 4|Frosty
December 3|Super Weak
December 2|Next to You
December 1|Alarm Rooster
November 30|No Double-Dipping
November 25|Mr. Peanut’s Symptoms
November 24|Afloat
November 21|The Happening: The Prequel
November 20|The Protest to Make Catnip Legal
November 19|The Monster Cometh