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Tuesday — October 10th, 2017

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Spud Super Sighting

Hey, guys! Long time, no blog.

Just letting you know that I’ll be appearing at the Superman Celebration, June 12-15 in Metropolis, IL. You can find me at Artist Alley and Writer’s Way on Market Street. This will be my third year there, and it’s always a blast. It’s more like a street fair than a comic convention, but that’s what makes it fun. There’s something to do for everyone.

I’ll have all three books available, as well as prints, sketch cards, and sketch cover comics! Or just come by and say hi! Here’s the link for more information.

Upcoming Spud Sightings

Takin’ the toons on the road again! If you’re in the Little Rock area November 8-10, I’ll be at Comic Con-Way in Conway, Arkansas with my good friend, and comic book artist Charles Ettinger. I’m bringing books, prints, sketch cards and other goodies. Come on by. It’s FREE ADMISSION and there’s gonna be lots of stuff to do and see there!

The following weekend, November 15-17, I’ll be back in my hometown for the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention at the Hilton.

So, a busy couple of weeks coming up, but I’ll still be posting new Spuds every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hope you’ve been enjoying the new schedule (I know I have). See y’all soon!

This New Print Will Knock Your Socks Off!

2013-08-13-socks-sellingBecause you demanded it, there’s a new product in the Spud Shop! I’ve added a nice glossy print of “Stick With Your Mate”, the popular comic about a field trip to the dryer. At just $10.00, it includes shipping and getting it autographed! All proceeds go towards the Society of Missing Left Socks. Just kidding, it goes straight to my pocket and keeps the Spud Comics site running. Thanks!

Upcoming Events and Some Changes

First, the bad news. For my regular readers you know that I try very hard to post a new comic every week day. And I know I’ve made excuse after excuse about why a comic hasn’t appeared on a certain day, and I’m sure you’re very aware that the comics are coming few and far between. Well, it’s time to stop kidding myself and realize that I am going to have to cut back if I ever want to stick to a regular schedule. So, from here on in, Spud Comics will update 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sorry for the cut backs, but if I don’t do this now, I’m gonna lose my mind. That might make the comics funnier, but I’m sure my family won’t be able to live with me.

Now, the good news. I’ve got some personal appearances coming up very soon. The first is the Broad Avenue Fall Art Walk in Memphis, Tennessee Saturday, October 20. I will be showing some original artwork with the Mid South Cartoonists Association, as well as having some books and prints for sale. Swing on by the Adam Shaw Studio and visit some wonderful, and talented artists… and me too.

The second appearance will be at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention November 10 and 11. I will be there with my other fellow Mid South Cartoonists, including my friend Charles Ettinger, who I will be sharing a table with. This will also be the only place where you can pick up the exclusive 2013 Spud Comics Calendar! Hey, Spongebob himself, Tom Kenny will be there, so you know this one will be lots of fun!

Thanks, everybody. Good things are happening, and who knows, I might pop back to doing 5 a week when things start to calm down around here. Hope to see you soon!

Whirlwind Weekends

It’s been an exciting past couple of weekends. First of all I want to personally THANK each and every one of you who donated to help my daughter participate in this year’s Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC. She will be making the trip during her birthday in July and you all helped make it possible for her.

The next thing was the Superman Celebration. Oh my gosh! This was definitely an honor. I met so many wonderful people and got to hang out with my friends who also happen to be talented cartoonists. If you’ve never been to Metropolis, Illinois for the Superman Celebration, it is quite the experience! There is literally something for everyone. I always say it’s a street fair mixed with a comic convention, mixed with a costume contest mixed with a family reunion. I will never forget my time there and hope I can make it again next year. Thanks to my new friends and fans for stopping by my table and sharing a few laughs. Metropolis knows how to party!

Last, but not least was this year’s Anime Blues Con in my hometown, Memphis. I was lucky enough to help man the table for the Mid South Cartoonists Association. Even though my cartoons aren’t anywhere near anime or manga, I still managed to sell some books and prints and (hopefully) created some new fans. Being able to talk to young aspiring artists about our group and inviting them to join us was reward enough. Lots of talented people in this town.

There are some other big things planned for the rest of the year, and this was just the start. Thank you all so much for reading, I’m happy to finally meet some of you face to face and hope to see more of you in the months and years to come.

Help My Daughter Get to Washington

Linzie Linzie, my eleven year-old daughter, has been selected to be a part of the Junior National Young Leaders Conference, an honor given to only a handful of middle-school students every year. As part of this Conference, Linzie and other kids from around the country will get to tour Washington DC, listen to and meet prominent government officials and have a “photo-op” in the White House. They will also spend the night in a museum during the week that they’re there.

So, here’s where you come in, my Spudly readers. The cost for all of this is about $2700, including transportation. Linzie has already won a $650 scholarship for this event by writing essays on what it means to be a leader. And we’ve paid a deposit. This leaves us with $1700, and on an artist’s salary, this is hard to come by.

There’s a blue box on the right hand side of this page with a link that can take you to a donation page to help Linzie get to Washington for the conference. Did I also mention it will happen during her birthday? Please consider giving whatever you can to help Linzie achieve this goal and get to Washington. Who knows, it may inspire her one day to clean up that town and our country when she gets older.

Going to Metropolis

Super Spud ready for MetropolisMetropolis, Illinois that is. The official home of Superman and the Superman Celebration held every year in June. But this time I’m going to be a part of it as one of the guest artists (along with some guy named George Pérez)! This has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I really have to thank Lin Workman, one of my fellow Mid South Cartoonists Association members for helping to set this up.

The Superman Celebration honors everything about the Man of Steel, from his comics to TV shows and movies. It’s been described as a comic convention and a street fair combined. There are celebrities, people in costumes, corn dogs, rides, events, and more! It’s a lot of fun for everyone, not just comic book geeks.

It’s going on June 7th – 10th and I’ll be in the Artists Alley and Writers Way building selling and signing books and prints and doing a few sketches. I would love to meet you all there! Up, up and away!


Drawing Inspiration

As some of you may already know, I belong to a group called the Mid-South Cartoonists Association. On February 11 we are joining an art show with the DeSoto Arts Council showcasing the process we go through in creating our cartoons. It’s called Drawing Inspiration: From Idea to Reality. I will have a piece there showing my initial thumbnail sketch all the way to the final lettering and digital coloring. This will be my first foray in presenting Spud Comics to a real world public audience (as I also hope to attend other shows and conventions around the country this year).

Last night we had a meeting and brought our artwork that we’re going to display. There’s going to be some amazing things at this show and I’m very excited about being a part of it! If you live in the West Tennessee, North Mississippi, East Arkansas area please come see us. I’d love to meet you.

Christmas Vacation and Contest Update

Hey guys, you may have noticed there hasn’t been any new toons in a while. Sorry about that. I decided to take a break until after Christmas to recharge the ol’ batteries. Just like you, I’m sure, things get a little hectic around here what with all that bustling (a verb which seems to only apply to this time of year). So, there will be new comics starting December 26.

The Spud Comics Top 3 Comics Contest is still going on! I will pick the lucky winner on Christmas Day and inform them via email that they have won a signed copy of the new book Spud Salad and a hand-drawn copy of one of their favorite comics. So there’s still time to enter. Just email or message me your top 3 favorite Spud Comics from the last three years. That simple.

Thanks, everyone! And I’ll see you all next week. Happy Holidays!