Crime Fighting Tool
February 27th, 2012

Crime Fighting Tool

Gotta give credit where credit is due. This cartoon was the idea of my nine year old son, LJ, who’s becoming quite the cartoonist in his own right. If it made you laugh please give him a shout-out. Thanks!

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  1. James

    Damn that’s brilliant!

  2. Rob


  3. Bearman

    Can your son write my stuff too. Excellent.

  4. admin

    Thanks, James!

  5. admin

    Thanks Rob!

  6. admin

    Too late, Bearman. He’s got the big head now and demanding outrageous fees. However, if you have a lot of Legos he might negotiate.

  7. Mark Stokes

    Very clever strip, Lonnie. Looks like LJ is a peel off the old Spud! Great idea, LJ!

  8. George

    I bought another one of these last week just to amuse myself with our newest kitten. Good times. :)

    Nice job on the Dynamic Duo, Lonnie!

  9. George

    And great creative concept, LJ! 😀

  10. admin

    Awesome, Mark. He’ll love that. He really likes your strip

  11. admin

    Thanks, George! Good luck with the new kitten! 😀

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