Christmas Vacation and Contest Update

Christmas Vacation and Contest Update

Hey guys, you may have noticed there hasn’t been any new toons in a while. Sorry about that. I decided to take a break until after Christmas to recharge the ol’ batteries. Just like you, I’m sure, things get a little hectic around here what with all that bustling (a verb which seems to only apply to this time of year). So, there will be new comics starting December 26.

The Spud Comics Top 3 Comics Contest is still going on! I will pick the lucky winner on Christmas Day and inform them via email that they have won a signed copy of the new book Spud Salad and a hand-drawn copy of one of their favorite comics. So there’s still time to enter. Just email or message me your top 3 favorite Spud Comics from the last three years. That simple.

Thanks, everyone! And I’ll see you all next week. Happy Holidays!

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