Happy Birthday! We’re Back!

Happy Birthday! We’re Back!

Some of you may have noticed there was no Spud Comics website most of the day today. Well, after a lot of programming and complicated computer tinkering (i.e. renewing the domain name) I was able to bring it back! And just in time too. Today is the 3rd anniversary of this silly thing that I hope has put a smile on your face once or twice since 2008. After 641 comics, it’s had it’s ups and downs (like anything else) and I’m glad you all have stuck by me through all of it!

There are a lot of ways to support Spud Comics that are totally free. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google +, leave comments here, share posts with your friends, and now you can even subscribe through your own email. Believe me, all of this helps and is more valuable than you might realize.

Thanks again for reading and making it part of your daily routine. I truly hope you can stick around for another three.

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  1. Bearman

    Happy Birthday (or is it Anniversary?)

  2. admin

    It’s a birthday. Send me cake!

  3. Mark Stokes

    Over 600 strips, and every one funny too! An amazing feat by any standard. Happy 3 years, Lonnie! That’s a lot of hoo haas!

  4. admin

    With more hoo haas to come! Assuming we’re talking about the same thing…
    Thanks, Mark!! 😀

  5. hobiejeepguy

    More ups then downs, more smiles then frowns. =) happy birthday, man.

  6. admin

    Thanks, hobiejeepguy!

  7. danineteen

    Belated happy birthday Spud Comics! Can’t believe it’s only been three years! Feels like it’s been a lot longer.

  8. admin

    Thanks! You were there at the beginning. Time’s supposed to fly when you’re having fun. But I guess it can slow down too.

  9. George

    Congratulations on Spud’s 3rd Anniversary, Lonnie! You’ve been a welcome avenue of entertainment in my world for quite some time. Thank you!

  10. admin

    Thanks, George. Those are very kind words coming from someone that’s already building into a webcomics legend.

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