The Empire Needs Spell Check
October 6th, 2010

The Empire Needs Spell Check

I think the biggest mistake was giving him white cake. Everyone knows Vader loves chocolate.

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  1. Spiked Math

    Nice one, I didn’t notice the typo until after :P

  2. admin

    I kinda planned it that way. Sometimes I like to throw a subtle one in. Thanks for reading! :)

  3. Sean

    Your lack of proofreading is disturbing

  4. Bearman

    I thought the bigger mistake was making him use a Spork.

  5. letyran

    It’s amazing how he can get the slice from the bottom tier w/o disturbing the top tier.

  6. admin

    Didn’t you know, letyran – Force powers work on baked goods too.

  7. Chiatroll

    Spellcheck wouldn’t correct dark though. In fact it would probably try to correct dath into dark.

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