The Return Redux

The Return Redux

Alright. Let me tell you what’s going on…

As faithful readers may know there’s been some upheaval around Casa Spud lately. In the last month alone, my family suffered a very personal loss, I’ve taken on a new full time (and time-consuming) job and the site itself was attacked by hackers. This is why it has been whole weeks without a Spud Comic.

What really pisses me off about all of this is last week I attempted the comeback, and promised a non-stop stream of new comics. What I didn’t know however was that the site had been hacked during my absence. Some assholes have been attacking WordPress powered sites hosted by GoDaddy, and mine was one of them. I had to take down everything for several days until GoDaddy and I could straighten everything out.

The situation (for now) is under control. The servers, accounts and databases have all been restructured with extra layers of security. Barring any other emergency, you should now expect to get a new comic on schedule, including some Saturdays.

Okay! Enough excuses! Time to move forward. I hope we can put all this crap behind us and you’ll continue to add Spud Comics to your daily routine.

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