Stranded and Abandoned
March 16th, 2010

Stranded and Abandoned

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  1. Oradan

    No come back, I’ll have no food with out you!

  2. Harry

    Heh, nice one. It’s been awhile since a single panel comic has made me laugh, good work!

  3. admin

    Thanks, Harry! :D

  4. Oradan

    I would try to hop onto the tree, you know, get a free ride to another diserted island.

  5. admin

    Oradan – Or you could try to stuff yourself in one of the suitcases… :P

  6. qka

    A new classic. The “man on deserted island” trope has been often mined, but you’ve found new gold with this.

  7. admin

    Thanks, qka. Yeah, I know the “man on deserted island” has been played out a little. But I still allow myself one every now and then. Glad you liked it. :)

  8. Oradan

    But if I stuff myself in the suitcase, I won’t be able to breath!, or eat his coconuts as I go for a ride across the wide blue

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