Flexible Reptiles
February 4th, 2010

Flexible Reptiles

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  1. George

    Every single snake image is hilarious!

  2. SpilledInkGuy

    If there was one in the back of an ambulance … that would be like me … you know, if I was a snake … doing yoga! :)

  3. dolst

    Wow, this one is kind of a STRETCH, but I supposed you could have drawn more or fewer snakes and it would have SCALED well. Still, for those who have experienced the pain of attempted yoga, this might seem a bit COLD-BLOODED!
    Sorry, I hope my puns don’t RATTLE your cage! hehe Surf Wisely!

  4. Gaara1357

    hey! u still comment on inside out right?

  5. amanda

    Hey there! We met briefly at DWEX, but I haven’t had the chance to catch up on your comic until now (I’m a slacker – bad bad). Funny stuff ^.^

  6. danineteen

    lol @ dolst :P

  7. admin

    Hey Amanda! Thanks for dropping by! Will you be at this year’s DWEX? I hope to be…

  8. amanda

    Yup – I’m sure I’ll be there :D

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