Cat Box Inspiration
November 17th, 2009

Cat Box Inspiration

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  1. Laura

    EWW and I was thinking that the cat box was an inspiration for Almond Roca :-)

  2. Ginpu

    Sorry Lonnie, but this is all I could think of. Kitty Litter Cake
    I need to make this one of these days. hehe.

  3. Paul

    Ya, I agree with Laura. I usually refer to to it as Almond Roca for dogs :D

  4. David

    So *that’s* how they get that strange flavour…

  5. Samantha

    LMAO!! Tootsie roll is my son’s favorite. I’m printing this out for him right now.

    Ginpu: DO IT!

  6. dolst

    Wow. I will never look at Tootsie Rolls the same way again! Surf Wisely.

  7. SpilledInkGuy

    You should send this to the Tootsie Roll people and see what they say – might send you some free samples – er, something! :)

  8. Lonnie Easterling

    Laura and Paul. I’ve never had Almond Roca, but if it looks like a cat turd I don’t think I will. :P

  9. Lonnie Easterling

    Ginpu, I’ve heard of that Kitty Litter Cake. Make it and let me know how it is. My wife has been dying to try it out too.

  10. Lonnie Easterling

    Samantha, I hope it doesn’t turn your son off from Tootsie Rolls. Maybe he can switch to Baby Ruth. But don’t let him watch “Caddyshack”. :P

  11. Lonnie Easterling

    SpilledInkGuy. I’ll take all the vanilla flavored Tootsie Rolls they have. Now those things are good!

  12. Laura

    Lonnie I love the non chocolate flavored tootsie rolls and yes the vanilla is quite excellent here is a picture of almond roca for your viewing pleasure

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