Bear Naked
November 16th, 2009

Bear Naked

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  1. AGeekStory had a bi-polar joke yesterday! :)

    Your entries are getting better every week!

  2. admin

    AGeekStory, Thanks! Now the pressure is on! :P

  3. Agent_x

    Damn! Now I need to postpone my comic for this week, as it contains a joke which references a mental illness. (which is not a funny topic and I am appalled at myself for creating the comic in the first place.)

    Please stop monitoring my brainwaves and posting comics with similar themes to mine, in the same week.

  4. admin

    Agent_x, please note that I am not making fun of bi-polar people here…only people who sleep with arctic animals.

    Regarding monitoring your brainwaves – where do you think I get all my ideas from?

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    That dude had better run … Frank might make a rug out of him! :)

  6. David

    Pretty soon, it’ll be “Bye-Bye”-Polar.

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