Contemplating the Inevitable
September 26th, 2009

Contemplating the Inevitable

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  1. Don

    Hehe… indeed he could! Was it very tedious to draw all of those? Is that why there aren’t more of them? :-D


  2. Praveen Sawh

    great, why does the domino on the end always have to be the one with sentience

  3. admin

    Don – Yes, it was very tedious. I tried it first with a ruler, but it looked too mechanical. There is more of them however. They’re just off-panel ;)

  4. Don

    Ah yes, of course! Millions of them stretching into the distance… all hand-drawn and undisclosed for our convenience :-)

    I thought the same once, while sitting in the emergency-exit-seat on a plane… one small aeronautic heimlich-maneuver and the airbus would have spewed all its inmates into the ocean :) I didn’t, though.

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    I always thought that dude looked a little disgruntled.

  6. George

    Love the eye on the dot! :)

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