Hairy Moon
August 14th, 2009

Hairy Moon

After coloring this I realized I wanted to see this in an Archie & Jughead comic book.

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  1. AGeekStory

    ha ha !
    That was funny ! Loved the werewolf look.

  2. Bearman

    Ahhh..what a bright moon it is.

  3. SpilledInkGuy

    Hilarious! :)

  4. danineteen

    Haha! As soon as I saw the title, I KNEW there was gonna be a pair of butt cheeks!

  5. George

    That was genius! I bet that concept has never been tried before. You’re a man ahead of your time, Lonnie. :)

  6. mark

    based on a true story?

  7. Kisame

    Actully, it was used already, by neds middle school survival guide, don’t Judge me, I was nine years old

  8. Anna

    Hahah thats hilarious :D

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