Shell on Blocks
June 8th, 2009

Shell on Blocks

The sad thing is, if this were made into a ceramic statuette, I could make a fortune selling them at flea markets and truck stops. Rednecks love redneck humor. Just ask Jeff Foxworthy.

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  1. Ethan Killett

    HAHAHA!!! I know so many of those kind of people.
    Great comic today man. Had me in stitches!

  2. admin

    Thanks, Ethan. I grew up around all this, so I can relate…and make fun of it.

    As I mentioned on Twitter, if my dad read my comics he’d probably disown me now.

  3. Ethan Killett

    Well let’s hope he doesn’t! (disown you!)

  4. Bearman

    Not if you include him on the action of the sale of ceramic turtles.

  5. George

    Man, if rednecks could read, they’d probably get a kick outta this one.

  6. admin

    George, if it has a gun rack on it, they’ll get a kick out of it anyway. :P

  7. dolst

    Hey now, I are a rednek end I CAN TOO reed!
    Secret, disturbing truth: Rednecks are actually WAYYYYYY smarter than they let on.
    Not only that, but there are rednecks, and then there are rednecks.
    (And let’s not even start on hillbillies.) hehe. Surf Wisely.

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