Moisturizing Lincoln
April 14th, 2009

Moisturizing Lincoln

Sorry I’m a little late with this one today. The interwebs were down last night for maintenance.

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  1. Samantha

    I don’t know why this particular strip struck me so funny, but it did! LOL!

  2. admin

    When it popped into my head, I thought “this is just too weird. I’ve got to do it!”

  3. George

    Craig Babin of “Life With Kreg” recommended that I stop by, and I’m glad I did. My brow is furrowed at this one, but I can’t stop smiling. This was weird and oddly hilarious. I think I’m gonna like your humor. Good job!

  4. admin

    Hey, thanks, George! I’m glad you’re liking the direction. And my thanks to Craig for the referral!

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