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Running Man

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Yes, this will be the last time I draw an animal without looking at some reference material first. Just pretend that dead armadillo has been mishapen by the hot, desert sun.

Tomorrow, I’ll be running in the Memphis St. Jude Half Marathon. This will be my first large running event. My wife and I started training around September, so we’re both pretty excited. Just to let you know how big of a deal this is, I weighed about 250 lbs. two years ago. I’m now at 189. This is due in part to a gym membership that I refused to let lapse and great instructors. I still eat like a fat man, but I burn the calories like a champ. Nothing on the level of Michael Phelps though.

If you’re not in the know, a half marathon is 13.1 miles and it will take me a little over two hours to complete, based on my training speed. I have successfully run 12 miles before in the cold and the wind, so I’m hoping one more mile won’t be a big deal. The nice thing about all this is the amount of carbs I get to eat today. Tonight the Running Club is having a Pre-Race Pasta Party. Take that Dr. Atkins!

So, wish me luck this weekend and thanks for visiting. There’ll be more Spud Comics starting Monday!